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Thank you for visiting our website.The Cummins Power Club has been developed to better serve our Cummins customers.If you own an RV with a Cummins engine or an Onan Generator, it makes sense to be a club member.As a member you receive a 10 % discount on Cummins Genuine Parts: New, ReCon, Filtration, Onan Parts (Cummins Power Generation Products) and Valvoline products.The discount also applies to service repairs and maintenance on Cummins and Onan products. The discount does not apply to new Cummins engines, Recon engines or generator sets.

The Cummins Power Club is supported by Cummins Sales and Service locations throughout the United States and Canada. These Cummins Sales and Service Distributors are committed to meeting your parts and service requirements.

If you'd like to learn more about the club click on FAQ (Frequently asked questions) or call our toll free number: 1(866) 442 - 9576. You may contact us via e - mail at

All correspondence including enrollment forms should be sent to this address.

Cummins Power Club Headquarters:
9350 Castlegate Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Phone number: 866.442.9576.

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